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Two Available Specializations:

✓ Executive ICEMBA(USA) in Finance

✓ Executive ICEMBA(USA) in Marketing

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Our ICEMBA (USA) program is a US style business management program. The program includes a range of subjects from the field of Business Administration, Marketing, Information Technology, and Business Intelligence.


In the IDEMBA(USA) program, you will learn advanced Entrepreneurship and Business Management techniques. Instructors use real-life cases and current issues and students will develop practical skills as part of their training.


The ICMIT(USA) program trains students on the latest business technologies. Through the program, you'll learn a foundation of Information Systems and their role in modern business.

NGO Management

The NGO Management Program is co-designed with the United Nations University for Peace(UPEACE). The Program covers social topic such as Communication & Fund Raising, Designing Social Development Project, and Conflict Analysis & Resolution.

The Society for Creative Innovations

The Society for Creative Innovations (SCI) is a USA based organization dedicated to strategic training and curricula development in the emerging world. SCI believes that non-linear thinking, creativity, and entrepreneurship are the pillars of rapid self and social development. SCI develops programs on subjects like Business Management, Information Technology, and Global Leadership.

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