SCI Education USA is proud of our students and wants them to succeed. In order to help past students and prospective employers, SCI Education USA has partnered with Accrediable to provide industry leading digital credentials. These credentials can be used in addition to the physical certificates given at formal graduation ceremonies. We encourage our student to display their digital certifications proudly on their social media and reassure employers that the validity of every SCI certification can be checked.

How does it work?

When a student successfully completes an SCI Education program, we issue them a physical certification (presented at a graduation ceremony) as well as a digital certifications issued through Either of these documents are proof that an individual has successfully completed the rigor of an SCI program. Some people prefer the physical certification at their office, while others prefer to add the digital one to their social profiles like LinkedIn. With SCI and Accrediable, you can do both.

How do I verify an SCI certification?

SCI physical certifications have several markers that prevent falsification. These include foil paper, stamps, embossing, and signatures. The specific positions used differ on the certification and issuing location.

Digital certifications are much easier to verify. We encourage past students and prospective employers to use the digital credentials to verify program completion. To verify an individual’s credentials, please visit:

You can then enter the individuals certification url or credential number. Accrediable will check and display the appropriate records.

You can also verify directly from their certification URL page. You can click the Green Verify button and Accrediable will verify the authenticity of the certification.

Please be aware that we periodically redesign our certifications. Digital certifications will be automatically updated to reflect new designs. Students can request a reprint of their past certifications using a new design if they choose.

How do I receive my digital credentials?

SCI started issuing digital credentials in Spring of 2019. All previous student and being issued digital version of their certifications with the goal of every past student being issued digital credentials by the end of the year.

I still have more questions?

Please visit Accrediable’s FAQ page for additional questions regarding digital certifications. If you still have questions, please reach out to