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International Certification in Entrepreneurship , Marketing and Managerial Business Administration

The ICEMBA (USA) program is designed for those who want to develop and expand their entrepreneurial and managerial skills. In the program, you'll learn how to successfully cope with the challenges of a rapidly-changing global market. It will emphasize the technological, economic, and political changes occurring in the world today. We believe these challenges require different types of knowledge to solve and entrepreneurship and human-capital management are key required skills. An ICEMBA graduate will be able to meet the needs for pro-active strategic thinking and have the knowledge effectively use a firm’s resources to enhance their ability to cope with future changes.

Duration of  training

The Advanced Professional Graduate International Certification Program in Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Managerial Business Administration ICEMBA (USA) can be finished very quickly in six months by hard working student. The certification program can be studied and completed in six months and that is the ideal way to complete this program unless the life circumstances of the student don't allow him to do so.
A candidate is expected to complete the certification program in not more than 1 years as otherwise the applicant has to re-take all subjects again. Please inquire the examination dates as it may vary between countries.

Amount of training

The ICEMBA (USA) has some core subjects like Entrepreneurship and Business Plan and also Marketing those subjects should take more numbers of training than other subjects, the hour range of training request for each subject is 20 to 30 hours depending on the subjects' importance. We advise accredited institution adjust the training to help the workers in private and public sector to attend this program

Methods of training

The training is organized in a workshop based with interactions and practical example from real life experience. The student is expected to know basic theory and its applications in real life. Student is expected to know basic concepts & applications very well and basic theory of each subject. As a rule of thumb if the professor teaches different chapters in a recommended book with emphasis on concepts and applications and student writes notes and revises notes, it is a good way of learning the subject.

International Recognition

ICEMBA(USA) is the only international recognized Certification in Entrepreneurship & Business Administration issued by SCI Education (USA) which crossed the international borders to expand your carreer and Business opportunities.

The ICEMBA (USA) program is divided in to five certificates that must be completed sequentially. Please see below for a description of each certificate and the topics covered.